The Beer Pilgrim

Brewers of the East Coast

Through my adventures as the Beer Pilgrim, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people involved in the beer industry, especially brewers and I am always blown away by their passion and commitment to their craft. To say brewers take their job seriously is a massive understatement; most brewers I have met literally live for beer.

I’d like to introduce you to some of these legends. These are the brewers I met on my recent East Coast road trip – they are the guys and girls who make the beer you love so much (so if you see them, say cheers!)


Brewer Profile 1 4 Pines Brewer Profile 2 Murrays Brewer Profile 3 Hunter Beer Co. Brewer Profile 10 Jody Tooheys Brewer Profile 7 Stone and Wood Brewer Profile 6 Bellingen Brewer Profile 5 Little Brewing Co