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Top 10 Places to Have A Brew With A View

We are all searching for that ultimate beer-moment (well I am anyway..) and as I mentally flick through my album of travel memories, a few moments really stick out. These moments more often than not, involve a great view.

It’s that moment when you reach the top of a mountain and a huge vista opens up around you, or you are at the top of a huge building after a long day checking out a new city. Take a great view, add a great beer…. And you have the ultimate beer-moment… this is my top 10 places to have such a moment (that I haven’t actually been to yet!). Have a read and let your mind wander.



10. Ghost Bar, Las Vegas

I would trade in the flashy-lights, hustlers, the chance of a regretful shotgun marriage, cheesy stage shows and drunken college students trying to reenact ‘The Hangover’ for this any day. Ahhhhhhhh… looks lovely doesn’t it!

I guess there’s always time for an Elvis-themed, ninety-nine dollar marriage to a complete stranger when the bar shuts at three-am…


 Palaphita Kitch

9. Palaphita Kitch, Rio De Janeiro

You’re in the samba city of Rio, you’re on the water overlooked by those sheer mountains of Rio and the famous ‘Christ The Redeemer’ statue, ready to forgive you for your sins. It’s a recipe for a good time… 


 The Surry

8. Roof Garden, The Surrey, New York

There is something about New York that makes you feel like you are a part of a movie or a TV series just by being there. And I’d imagine sipping a beer on this rooftop would make you feel like a bit of a rockstar. I’d say it is also pretty cool at night! 


 Hula Hula Beach Club

7. Hulu Hula Beach Club Hvar, Croatia

Like fishing and drinking beer? At the same time? While in a bar? Well…. Apparently here at the Hulu Hula Beach Club in Hvar, Croatia, you will only get kicked out AFTER they have caught you fishing from their bar.. which means, if you are an extremely efficient fisherperson, you can potentially catch a fish at a bar drinking a beer. Cool huh? That and the Croatian island of Hvar is unreal! Crystal clear sparkling water, great seafood, cool locals and rocking parties. Could you imagine a sunset here with the tunes being pumped out, beer in hand, surrounded by hot…. weather.


 The Marmara Pera

6. Mikla, Marmara Pera, Istanbul

According to their website: “The magical views over the city stretch to the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace where you almost travel back through time to the heart of the Old Istanbul”.

So… you’ll see where I’m going with this… Imagine this – your partner’s first time to Istanbul, they are super keen and want to see absolutely everything in a back-breaking itinerary of shopping, sight-seeing and irritating hop-on-hop-off tourist buses. This is the perfect way for you to keep an eye on them.


 Ayana Resort

5. Rock Bar, Bali

This is one of those pictures your mate posts on facebook that you just so happen to open on a gloomy Monday morning at work when you are looking at a solid 5-6 full work days left…. While they are looking at solid 5-6 foot perfect waves and drinking beer in a place like this one. Don’t be that sucker! Get there… do it… and bring me. I can take the photos, carry your bags… 


 Hotel Grande Bretagne

4. GB Roof Garden Bar at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

There’s checking out the sights of Athens…. And there’s checking out the sights of Athens with a beer in hand sitting at a table with a platter of dolmades and a few good friends. Now that’s how to do Athens I say! One of the best views of the Acropolis and it just so happens to be from a bar. Coincidence?  I think not…


 Tirol Werbung

3. Top Mountain Star Resort, Austria

Ok, so you’ve just had the run of your life in perfect powder snow in the Austrian Alps. You’re tired, a little thirsty and wouldn’t mind a beer. You go back up a chairlift to the top of the mountain and there, right at the top, is this place…. And it’s a bar! Ehhhmaigheeeeerd! So epic! 360 degree views of the majestic Austrian alps all around as you have a delicious Austrian beer… priceless. Well, not exactly priceless… but we can dream…


 Four Seasons Mumbai

2.  Aer at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, India

When I first saw this picture I instantly thought of ‘The Jetsons’. Imagine rocking up to this incredible bar in a flying car… damn you Jetsons for predicting flying cars. But until that becomes a reality we will just have to be happy with an extremely fast and high elevator – 34 floors up in fact! And with views like that, this would have to be one of the world’s best rooftop bars. Sit back and suck it in..


Flickr via Projector5 

1.Murren, Switzerland

And number one goes to Murren in Switzerland… do I need to explain why? Just look at that photograph and try not to imagine yourself and your best mate at that table with two beers sitting on it…. see… impossible.