The Beer Pilgrim

My Mission..


There’s more to it than you think.

When you next hold that delicious, frothy amber beverage in your hands, lift it to the light, look deep into its beautiful bubbles and give this a ponder.

At over 11,000 years old, beer has been a major player in shaping civilization as we know it. Literature, agriculture, currency… they’ve all been touched by beer in a special way.

Egyptians worshipped it. The British Navy carried it. Even the term Bridal comes from it.

Yes, it’s the most amazing story never told. But that’s going to change, oh beer lover.

I’m going to undertake a truly incredible voyage, to get to the bottom of beer’s incredible story, to walk the road it has traced through human history, to report back knowledge, stories and secrets that will enlighten us all, and to travel the world, meet interesting characters and drink delicious beer.

I’m the Beer Pilgrim, on journey to uncover the story of beer, one brew at a time.